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Manu Cultural Zone 5 Days / 4 Nights




DAY 01:

we leave cusco early in the morning in our vehicles. approximately mid-morning we visit the interesting pre- inca tombs of ninamarca, commonly known as “chullpas”. we continue to paucartambo, a picturesque spanish colonial town, and then to the acjanacu pass, which marks the beginning of the cultural zone of manu biosphere reserve. here, a thick cloak of clouds provides perpetual humidity and makes an ideal habitat for epiphytic plants such as bromeliads. this varied and fascinating world is home of the cock of the rock, spectacled bear, orchids, tree ferns (one of the oldest living plants), mosses and lichens. this cloud forest exists between 2000 and 3500 meters above sea level and at least 50% of the plant species found here are endemic to this region. we have lunch on the way with a spectacular view overnight in our lodge “orquídeas de san pedro”.

Day 02:

today we wake up very early to observe the cock-of-the-rock (rupicolaperuviana), peru’s national bird. the male birds are a vibrant reddish orange and about 5:00am. as many as several dozen come together for an exhibition of a ritual mating dance in a comfortably installed on an observation platform called “lek”. the males display their crest, showing off and posturing for the females. the females, fewer in number, watch to select the most suitable males. after breakfast we continue down the narrow road between waterfalls and canyons toward pilcopata town (*1) for 2 hours approximately (*2). a 50 minutes bus ride to the port of atalaya where we have lunch then we will board our covered outboard motor boat and head down the alto madre de dios river for approximately 40 minutes toward our private reserve of “erika lodge” where we will spend the next two nights. short walk around the lodge.

(*1) free optional: here in pilcopata we will make the final settings for a 3 hour tropical jungle river rafting trip down the kosñipata river where we will have the opportunity for a dip and of course enjoy the spectacular view of the koñeq canyon. continuing down the tropical river of alto madre de dios to erika lodge

DAY 03:

erika lodge is located in a transition zone between high and low jungle (500 m.a.s.l. to 1,150 m.a.s.l), after the breakfast you guide explains the different habitats, altitude range and the high diversity of wildlife found around this lodge, so immediately we will start walking near the riverbanks, during the hike our guide will talk about insects, medicinal plants, trees, reptiles, mammals, etc. this afternoon we board our boat, and after five minutes, we will walk for another 40 minutes approximately though a very nice trail to observe and talk about the interesting flora fond such as sensitive plants, heliconias, fruit plantations, etc. until we arrive to machuwasi lake where with the help of a telescope we can observe great egrets, tucanets, carpenters, keskadees, cardinals, etc. short night walk to observe american bullfrogs, horned frogs, tree frogs and an incredible variety of insects.

DAY 04:

we wake up early, we will have walk during the hike our guide will talk about animals, after breakfast we have time to have some activities this according of the passengers and the guide, and we have also free time. early afternoon we will looking for the wildlife in this jungle: possibility to do night walk. overnight our lodge.

* 2 new!!! canopy zip down free: our guests traverse from tree to tree and platform to platform using pulleys on horizontal traverse cables, as they sail through the treetops of the tropical rainforest canopy, and over the trails far below. expert guides assist you in this exciting journey through the different layers of the virgin rain forests and explain what’s going on around you, from the time you leave the ground, until you rappel back down to the forest floor.

DAY 05:

this day we will get up very early to board our boat, and after five minutes, we will arrive to a parrot lick “collpa”, which is a wall of clay in the riverbanks, where many species of parrots such as the blue headed parrot, white-eyed parakeet, feed for mineral and salt supplements to their digestion of seeds and fruits. after breakfast we will board the boat to atalaya port, which will take us to cusco city, we have lunch on the way arriving late in the afternoon. end of our services.


manu national park is not endemic area about malaria neither yellow fever you can bring a good insect repellent but if you decide to put the yellow fever vaccination for prevention you can do it 10 days before start your trip to the jungle.




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